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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy is an alternative to traditional Scaling and Root Planing (SRP). In the past, periodontal disease was treated primarily by dividing the mouth into four sections and performing a "deep cleaning" in each area. This consists of instrumentation deep below the gum line to remove the hard deposits from the surface of the teeth. Although this treatment is still an option, Periodontal Therapy is a more focused and comprehensive approach to treating periodontal infection. The goal of Periodontal Therapy is to eradicate the bacteria present and completely arrest the disease process. This is achieved by completing Laser Bacterial Reduction, removing the hard deposits and the bacterial film from the root surface of the tooth using microsonics, irrigation with an antimicrobial solution, and Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment, which involves removing the infected tissue from within the periodontal pocket through selective tissue exfoliation. All of these modalities are utilized in a focused manner on 2 to 3 teeth at an appointment, and any area treated is then retreated at subsequent appointments, allowing for thorough removal of the bacteria infecting the periodontal pocket. Because of the focused approach of Periodontal Therapy, total treatment is described in a number of hours of treatment and can vary depending on severity of disease and bacteria present. Oral DNA testing can be completed to determine the types and amounts of bacteria present in order to provide a more accurate estimate of total treatment time necessary.

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