Without treatment, periodontal issues can spread and threaten the health of your smile. Plan periodontal therapy with Exceptional Dentistry to protect your smile. In addition to laser assisted cleanings, Dr. Melissa S. Chun provides laser assisted periodontal therapy in Redlands, California. Find out how this treatment can treat gum disease and call 909-886-0688 for a meeting with our dentist.

By using laser therapy, our dentist can give our patients better periodontal care. Periodontics involves treating the gums and gum tissue. While our laser can be used for cosmetic issues, such as gum contouring and reshaping, more often it is used to treat periodontal disease. This is the most common problem that affects gum tissue. Also known as gum disease, this is when bacteria buildup starts to inflame and infect the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. While early symptoms can be easily reversed by changing at-home care, once the disease reaches the later stages, it will need professional treatment. At our office, we strive to make this treatment go as smoothly as possible using the LightWalker laser system.

We use this laser system for a variety of treatments, from periodontics to dental fillings and canker sore treatment. This technology allows us to be less invasive than traditional procedures. Common periodontal treatments, like gingival flap gum surgery or scaling and root planing, can be completed without stiches, scalpels or stiches. Overall, patients can recover more quickly, with less discomfort. Learn more about how we can treat your smile and give us a call today!